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My Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires you are going to feel at home. While the city is located geographically in Latin America, it is culturally located near Europe. Its habitants, the Porteños, are communicative, friendly, curious about Europe and would invite you to any activity they have already organized with their friends.

There are plenty of events going on in the city every day so you will have many opportunities to meet native speakers. If you like the seductive Tango, you can learn to dance or improve your skills in one of many milongas in Buenos Aires. Even if you are unsure if dancing is for you, just try La Viruta Tango Club and after a couple of hours you will get to know the basic steps of the Tango and Salsa and probably fall in love with them.

Learn Spanish outside the classroom in a garage sale

Dayle and I trying hats at a garage sale after the Spanish course

Tango lessons at La Viruta Tango Club

Strolling around Buenos Aires, you will be surprised to discover that each neighbour has its own personality. Around Serrano square you will find countless cafes, bars and clubs with live music. If you come in summer, you can be really laid back and spend the day by the lakes of Palermo or in the quiet squares Gelly and Mitre in Recoleta. There you can also visit the graveyard where most of the Argentinean well-known family graves are buried and learn about their history. Some ghosts stories are also awaiting for you.

In San Telmo you will submerge yourself in the oldest part of the city and enjoy the antique shops, have lunch in the restaurants with a relaxed atmosphere and visit the big flea market around Plaza Dorrego.

During the Gallery Nights you can visit as many art galleries, meet the painters and learn what is going on in the art scene. If this isn't enough to satisfy your appetite for Buenos Aires, you can always enroll in a course in the Cultural Centre "Ricardo Rojas" and learn about theater, journalism, cinema, music, national culture, photography and many other subjects in Spanish with native speakers.

Practice Spanish with native speakers

After a week of lessons, Dina's shoe shopping in Spanish!

Tasting the Mate, the national drink of Argentina, during the activity in Spanish

Biking Tour

You will practise your Spanish while you are having fun and immersing in the Argentinian porteño culture. My immersion courses combine conversational Spanish lessons with real-life activities with native speakers outside the classroom. Every week, after communication-oriented lessons, you will put your Spanish into practice in the most stimulating situations speaking with the locals in Spanish, with me.

Once a week we go out into the Spanish "real world" together while you cross the barriers and speak to the shop assistants, bus drivers, artists at art galleries, waiters, the supermarket cashier, dance teachers or newspapers salesmen, in any situation that is meaningful and useful to you!

Because I know how students can be motivated or discouraged by different activities to learn a language, I will tailor your course based on your interests, your goals and your own pace of learning and you can do activities you enjoy in Spanish such as:

  • ordering food and drinks fluently
  • buying groceries
  • clothes shopping
  • tasting Malbec wines
  • cooking local dishes
  • dancing salsa
  • doing tango lessons
  • sightseeing the most typical neighbourhoods
  • biking around San Telmo and La Boca
  • visiting art galleries and museums

In only one week you will understand and speak to the locals!

I use authentic material relevant and important to each student. In class we will be reading newspapers and books, singing Spanish songs and role-playing every day. Through the understanding and speaking of the real Spanish you will grasp the Argentinean culture and get to know the Argentinean style.

After the Spanish course, Buenos Aires offers plenty of opportunities to get to know the city culturally, musically and make friends. All year long film and music festivals and Gallery Nights are held in the city. Every weekend there are milongas to dance Tango and concerts at pubs.

Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires

If you stay one month in Argentina, I would recommend you taking twenty hours per week. If you stay longer, with ten hours weekly you will achieve better results.


10 hrs/weekend
300 USD$ / weekend
  • Full immersion course
  • Small groups
  • Crash course
  • From Friday to Sunday
  • At the end of this course you will use Spanish in almost all real life situations: Introducing yourself and asking basic information about others, asking for directions, using numbers, telling the time, buying food, ordering in a bar or restaurant and shopping.


10 hrs/week
300 USD$ / week
  • Full immersion course
  • Small groups
  • Cultural and recreational activities
  • Enjoyable outings
  • From Monday to Friday
  • With this course you will learn Spanish and also discover something of the Argentine way of life. Every morning lesson you will practice the key structures of Spanish as well as speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will use books and also authentic material such as newspapers, magazines, films and songs. In the afternoon you will put what you learned into practice in our cultural and recreational activities.

One to one

60 min/class
35 USD$ / class
  • Full immersion course
  • Cultural and recreational activities
  • Enjoyable outings
  • Truly personal coaching to strengthen your speaking and understanding skills
  • This is the most tailor-made course designed solely with your needs and requirements in mind. In which you are the leading star and we will all contribute to make your best movie in Spanish!

You can join our group courses if your Spanish level and your interests match those of the other students. To get the most of your stay in Argentina, we recommend you to take one-to-one lessons with real-life activities you enjoy.

My courses include

  • Weekly (Mo-Fr) and weekend courses
  • For adults and teenagers
  • 2-5 Students per group or private classes
  • Bilingual teacher with more than 30 years of experience teaching Spanish and English certified as instructor of Spanish
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes
  • With authentic material with River Plate accent
  • End of course certificate
  • Optionally you can take a DELE international exam granted by the Ministry of Education of Spain
  • I could arrange your accommodation and a transfer service from and to the airport

My school in Buenos Aires

Visiting the Recoleta graveyard and learning about the Argentinean history


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Tour around La Boca