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Argentina is the Polo leading country since three generations and nine of the top ten players come from this country. You will have a huge improvement in your game after taking one of my immersion courses combining Polo with Spanish lessons. My communication-oriented Spanish lessons are tailored to combine real-life activities like shopping for Polo gear and outfits, going to tournaments and renowned stud farms, will help you get the most of your Polo lessons, make new friends and immerse yourself in the polo scenario.

Vera gets ready for the polo game

Vera gets ready for the polo game

The best place to learn polo

Our school is located in the best Polo-horse-breeding area of Argentina. Due to the pleasant climate and fertile grass, horses grow healthier and stronger here than everywhere in the country. Many of the Polo schools are nearby and some of my students can bike every day to their training in the countryside.

The most traditional Polo club of Argentina “El Treból”, was founded in 1940 only half an hour away from my school in San Antonio de Areco. Since then, some of the most renowned Polo studs were set in this area and you will meet other foreign Polo players in the town. You can also buy anything you need for the game in the nearby shops. But the best of all is: the warm friendliness of the people always happy to have a chat with you in Spanish that will make a difference in mastering the language and making you feel at home!

Vera playing polo

Becky visiting Adolfo Cambiaso's polo stub

Our Spanish and Polo immersion programs

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Because the prices of the Polo lessons change a lot during the Polo season, we can’t publish any prices online.

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Polo game in San Antonio de Areco

Practice in San Antonio de Areco