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About us

I'm Patricia Jacovella a qualified Spanish and English teacher who has been teaching English and Spanish for a very long time.

I have spent over twenty years in this traditional town San Antonio de Areco and the surrounding the countryside. Through my experience as a teacher I noticed how students can be discouraged or motivated by different activities to learn a language. That’s why I’ve created these after school activities for my students to give them the real experience. So I began by tailoring different outings around the town to do right away after the very first lesson in Spanish!

San Antonio de Areco has a lot to offer, a Historical Gaucho Museum, the lavish “estancias”, the outstanding artists in silver and leather, masters in fine crafts, loom weavers, plus its friendly and relaxed atmosphere, ideal place to talk to the people and practise!

Patricia Jacovella at the language institute

Patricia Jacovella, director of Living Your Spanish

Little by little I fell in love with this profession and started lively and intensive Spanish courses. After many years I´ve become a passionate teacher very alert to my students tastes and needs.

My goal is to look after my students while they are learning Spanish as a foreign language. Kind of indulgent and fun is always advisable.

So this is what we’ve been doing in Living Your Spanish for over 10 years now! I have a passion for teaching and I've been the lucky one to meet good friends in all of them. Now I want to bring this experience to you. Living Your Spanish wants to take you into a more experiential trip of getting to know the highlights of the language, in the relaxing yet thriving San Antonio de Areco, to make it special for you!

Patricia Jacovella