The best place to learn horse riding in Argentina

Janeke riding through the cattle

Sunset in the countryside

Our school is located in the best horse-breeding area of Argentina. Due to the pleasant climate and fertile grass, horses grow healthier and stronger here than in any other place of the country. The most renowned Polo and racing-horses studs, horse riding and Polo schools are located in the area. Some of my students can bike every day to the riding school.

Since its foundation in 1730, the history of the town San Antonio de Areco has been connected to horses. During those days mules and horses were bred there and sold in Perú. Nowadays the city has skillful horsemen, outstanding silversmiths and gifted rawhide plaiters who craft beautiful leather saddles, reins, bridles and anything you need as a rider.

In San Antonio de Areco the people are really proud of their traditions: young guys go out wearing traditional Gaucho clothes, 150-year-old pubs offer drinks to locals and visitors every evening and in November the town celebrates the Traditional Gaucho Festival with horse games, a parade of over 7,000 cowboys riding along the streets of the town.

Personal contact and attention will make you feel part of our community. This small town is a stunning natural setting with the most friendly people always happy to help you practise your Spanish.

Horse riding und Spanish lessons

Horse riding in a windy day

With our student Mikalai and the gaucho Martin

Horse breeder

Are horses your passion? Then you can do horseback riding and Spanish at the same time with our immersion courses in San Antonio de Areco, two hours away from Buenos Aires. I will organize the communication-oriented Spanish lessons, so you can learn the language skills you need to get the most of your riding lessons. So you will be riding in the "green Argentinean Pampas" and every Friday I will organize a real-life activity like going shopping on traditional Gaucho style shops for you to practise your Spanish right away! You will talk to the shop assistants in Spanish and get everything you need.

Because I know how students can be motivated or discouraged by different activities to learn a language, I will tailor your course based on your interests, your goals and your own pace of learning and you can do activities you enjoy in Spanish such as:

  • learning horseback riding
  • cooking local dishes
  • tasting Malbec wines
  • ordering food and drinks fluently
  • buying groceries
  • clothes shopping
  • tennis and golf lessons in Spanish
  • learning to play polo
  • hit balling for experienced riders
  • ordering your polo outfits
  • dancing salsa or folk music
  • visiting the silversmith's workshops and museums
  • art lessons by remarkable artist

In only one week you will understand and speak to the locals!

Horse riding and Spanish Courses

Riding Weekend

3 hrs riding in the countryside
4 hrs of Spanish one-to-one lessons
180 EUR / weekend
  • No riding experience required
  • Full immersion course
  • Authentic material
  • From Saturday to Sunday
  • During the morning you will take two hours of Spanish lessons and in the afternoon you will ride peacefully in the Pampas, enjoying the beauty of the Argentinean landscapes and the calmness of Creole horses. You are always accompanied by an experienced, qualified instructor who knows the area inside out and who will take you on a tranquil journey.

Spanish + Horse Riding Week

5 hrs of horse riding lessons/week
10 hrs of Spanish lessons/week
400 EUR / week
  • No riding experience is required
  • Full immersion course
  • Cultural and recreational after school activities (optional, not included)
  • From Monday to Friday
  • While you learn Spanish in the morning, you will take horseback riding lessons one hour long every day. The partnership of a horse chosen specially to suit you and the stunning scenery, will make your riding experience unforgettable. Last but not least, every Friday you will put your Spanish into practice in our cultural and recreational activities.

Flexible lessons

One to one Spanish lessons any day of the week: 30 EUR/hour
Flexible rides in the countryside: 20 EUR/hour
  • From October to March

The horse riding lessons include

  • Focus on your safety and enjoyment
  • Well trained tame horses
  • Learn how to be confident on the horse
  • Learn about general horse behaviour and its personality

My Spanish courses include

  • Weekly (Mo-Fr) and weekend courses
  • For adults and teenagers
  • 2-5 Students per group or private classes
  • With authentic material with River Plate accent
  • –ěptional after school –źctivities

Our school in San Antonio de Areco

Horses at the farm

How to get there

You can take a bus from the Retiro station which takes two hours or drive by car along the national road 8 from Buenos Aires. it takes one and a half hour to get there. Let me know and I help you organize the trip.

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Ready to go horse riding

Ready to go horse riding