Learn Spanish in San Antonio de Areco

You can learn Spanish with us, while immersing in the Argentinian culture. San Antonio de Areco is a typical gaucho town with a most pleasant environment for you to understand and speak Spanish. All our lessons are created to follow your own pace of learning and you will learn real-life language to use right away.

Old pub in San Antonio de Areco

Practicing Spanish in one of the oldest pubs in San Antonio de Areco

What's more?

Personal contact and attention will make you feel part of our community in San Antonio de Areco. This small town is a stunning natural setting with the most friendly people always happy to help you practise your Spanish. And what is more, you can enjoy yourself while speaking and understanding Spanish if you choose to do salsa or folk music, yoga, horse riding, learn polo, learn to cook local dishes, a silversmith tour, a downtown tour and taste Malbec wine, all in Spanish!

Playing polo at the Estancia La Portenia

Playing polo

Cooking local dishes

Horseback riding

Visiting the silversmiths

About the town

San Antonio de Areco is a city where old and new blends perfectly. Throughout its history Argentina has been the melting pot for different nations and cultures. Italians, Spanish, Irish, English, Scottish, Swiss, Germans and Croatians settled down in this area joining their cultures with the Indigenous population through 300 years.

Here in San Antonio de Areco you can really experience this history alive in the estancias with the gauchos, eating a typical asado, steaks and home-made empanadas with locals!! Also visiting the outstanding silversmiths and raw hide plaiters in their workshops. More than 150 year old pubs still offering drinks and snacks like they did in the past and the green and peaceful streets to stroll around. The wide and rich pampas for a horse ride or polo hitballing are unique.

But most of all, the warm friendliness of the people here, always happy to help you and have a chat with you in Spanish is awesome!

BBQ at the estancia La Porteña

Spanish Courses in San Antonio de Areco


10 hrs/weekend
300 USD$ / weekend
  • Full immersion course
  • Small groups
  • Crash course
  • From Friday to Sunday
  • At the end of this course you will use Spanish in almost all real life situations: Introducing yourself and asking basic information about others, asking for directions, using numbers, telling the time, buying food, ordering in a bar or restaurant and shopping.


10 hrs/week
300 USD$ / week
  • Full immersion course
  • Small groups
  • Cultural and recreational activities
  • Enjoyable outings
  • From Monday to Friday
  • With this course you will learn Spanish and also discover something of the Argentine way of life. Every morning lesson you will practice the key structures of Spanish as well as speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will use books and also authentic material such as newspapers, magazines, films and songs. In the afternoon you will put what you learned into practice in our cultural and recreational activities.


20 hrs/week
550 USD$ / week
  • Full immersion course
  • Small groups
  • Cultural and recreational activities
  • Enjoyable outings
  • From Monday to Friday
  • It is a course we have designed to make the best use of living in an Spanish environment by adding some cultural, artistic or sporting activities to Live Your Spanish while learning. It is important for us that you have plenty to do outside your studies and there are enjoyable programs for you each month. This way you will have academic lessons in the morning and in the afternoon you can choose the after school activities you prefer.

One to one

60 min/class
35 USD$ / class
  • Full immersion course
  • Cultural and recreational activities
  • Enjoyable outings
  • Truly personal coaching to strenghthen your speaking and understanding skills
  • This is the most tailor-made course designed solely with your needs and requirements in mind. A comprehensive needs analysis is sent to the student from which a course plan meeting these needs is carefully designed. One-to-one students are exclusively accompanied by the teacher.

Our school in San Antonio de Areco

Having fun learning Spanish

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Horses at the Estancia El Ombu

Horses at the Estancia El Ombu