Learn Spanish in Argentina completely immersing in the culture!

Our experience, passion and care for teaching has led us to give you real-life Spanish courses. And when we come together is amazing what we can accomplish.

Our students Sophie and Anneke

Our students Sophie and Anneke

We invite you to learn Spanish in Argentina with a relaxing mix of time in the city and the countryside. Do you want to learn Spanish naturally...

  • while practising your new skills daily in activities that you enjoy like riding on horseback, playing polo or strolling around in beautiful parks?
  • in flexible, enthusiasm and conversation-oriented classes?
  • with professional and high trained teachers to accomplish total management of Spanish?
  • while learning to dance tango in the typical milongas?
  • in the birthplace of the Gaucho?
  • in a quaint historic town soaking in the culture of the country?

Our Spanish lessons

In all our courses we have designed different activities for you to communicate with native speakers in the most stimulating situations. Always alert, we help you to communicate with the locals and learn about the Argentines and Argentina.

Last Testimonials

Here you can read the testimony of some of the last students. You will find more here.

Lucinda Paxton

Thanks to Living your Spanish I really am living my dream - it proved to be everything and more! At 37 I had tried and failed to learn a language so many times and had all but given up - I was sure that trying to move to Argentina and speak the language would be impossible.

Within one hour of chatting with Patricia she had totally understood my learning style (more than I or any teacher even had) and tailored everything around it. I was skeptical at first as wasn't the long vocab lists and sterile tables I was used - but she opened a whole new world. She got me speaking immediately, it was interactive, she boosted my confidence, made lessons fun; music, readings on Argentine philosophy and history which she knew I enjoyed, clear diagrams showing verb structures linked to everyday phrases so they became real and exercises that I needed for homework as she knew this helped me learn. She just got me.

I guess with so much experience Patricia knows what works for each student. Trust her, enjoy and come and learn Spanish in my new home town! Seriously the coolest place to learn a language ever, I couldn't leave!

Lucinda Paxton, Multimedia travel journalist and Latin America luxury travel trade consultancy

The Spanish lessons were a great development for my Spanish speaking, listening, and reading. Beside only the language aspect, I have also learned a great lot about the Argentinian culture by going to museums and walking through town with Patricia. The combination of those two aspects of the course makes it a fun and effective way to learn Spanish. Coming from a Spanish-minded background without haven been able to speak Spanish myself, solely understand properly, I can now make myself understandable in day-to-day life. By having concluded that I have reached my goal.

Points of improvement, for me personally, would be to broaden my Spanish to the maximum and not having to think for more than 3 seconds before being able to speak. The course was perfect in my eyes, since I really enjoyed studying it.

I would definitely recommend ‘Living Your Spanish’ to my acquaintances and friends. It is a course you really bond with; I hope I will be able to go back once in order to further improve my Spanish. Unfortunately, besides the holidays I am too busy with university. If I were not I would definitely continue classes. Perhaps in a future holiday again. As I said, I really liked the combination between language and culture of this course. Mentioning especially, by using Spanish in real life situations you learn much more than you do in a classroom. Making the learning experience also more amusing, since afterwards I laughed about my mistakes.

Philip Van Der Kloot Meijburg, Student of Economics